Work with Katarina
One to One

1:1 Health Coaching Package

I believe everyone can stop their struggle with stress. Stress can hijack our sleep, depress our immune system, strain our relationships and weigh heavy on our body, mind and soul. BUT stress itself is just energy and by changing our relationship to it, we can actually grow more and be healthier. I believe that being healthier is not a goal. Health is a vehicle to help you feel, do and be what you want and what you were meant for. This means taking an integrative approach to health and wellness which involves talking MORE than counting calories, what yoga pose you can do, and measuring the size of your waist.

1:1 Private Yoga Sessions

I tailor all Private Yoga Sessions to your injuries, aches & pains, aspirations and health goals. I'm based in Portland, OR but travel to Chicago, IL frequently. I'm happy to travel to you and do a session in your own private space, or we can schedule a virtual session and with a mobile device or laptop, can log in form anywhere.