BUILD strength flexibility confidence energy awareness consistency compassion community health

A 7 week yoga & wellness workshop series.
To help you build your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Thursdays Jan 4th - Feb 15th

Care & Consistency

Have you been wanting to take care of yourself more? Be more consistent in your yoga practice? Grow and do things physically and emotionally you never thought you could do before?

Whether its strength, flexibility, confidence, compassion, energy, community, healthy habits, self-awareness, consistency, or knowledge you’d like to build, Katarina will guide you through seven weeks of growth and transformation.

Join her in the Portland area and meet new people on the same path.

Breakdown of the 7 weeks

Each class will be a combination of yoga, movement, meditations, breath techniques and tutorials. 

Week 1 & 2 : Staying Motivated & In the Practice - Learn which of the four habit building tendencies you have, and what to focus on to maximize your consistency in building your health and yoga practice. Learn modifications that challenge you but keep you healthy and in the practice.

Week 3, 4, & 5 : How to Keep Balance Among Chaos, Transition & Season Change Discover a new way to approach and look at balance and stress (physical & mental) as well as dealing with guilt, pride, and disappointment. Identify your Ayurvedic constitutional type and signs indicating when it's imbalanced. Also learn what foods to reduce or increase, activities that are beneficial, and organs to nourish, just for your type, enabling you to stay in balance no matter what “season” you’re in.

Week 6 & 7 : Detox & Refresh - Explore basic detox techniques to refresh. Discern which poses to always include in your yoga practice & how to create space for what’s important.

Is this for me?

YES if you...
-Have been practicing yoga for awhile and feel like you’re not progressing.
-Have practiced yoga before but never been consistent.
-Want to broaden your understanding of yoga, postures & yoga philosophy on health.
-Crave a fresh start to your approach to health in 2018.
-Have struggled in keeping motivation or balance when it comes to taking care of yourself or healthy habits.
-Know you’ll be unavailable to attend for 1-2 of the weeks (see below).
-Said you wanted to take another yoga class with Katarina.

NO if you...
-Don’t want to try new things.
-Haven’t been cleared for physical activities by your doctor.
-Aren’t open to discovering things about yourself you weren’t aware of.
-Are fine with the level you are currently at.

Wait, I still have questions!

If you are unsure if this is right for you, set up a 15 minute call with Katarina to discuss. 

The Details


Thursdays Jan 4th - Feb 15th
Be prepared to do yoga and learn a lot each session. *Don’t worry if you miss a week as there will be an audio recording of each class I will send out, as well as the worksheet and tutorial to go with the class.* You can then listen and practice on your own before the following week.


West Linn Adult Community Center
1180 Rosemont Rd, West Linn, OR 97068
Oak Room


$139 or two payments of $75