5 Days of Yoga: The 

Let go of perfection, release your stress & tension, create a healthy habit for more balance in your life.

5 yoga videos that focus on the main stress holder areas in your body – allowing you to stretch it out and release the tension that has been building.


We all have to deal with it.
HOW we deal with it is the key.

Whether you are a corporate executive juggling lots of balls, a busy mom corralling your circus of kids or someone whose work involves repetitive physical activity, stress is a part of your life.

Stress can bring tension and tightness in the body and if you hold that tension for extended periods of time, without release, you can be prone to chronic pain or injury.  

Not only this, it can cause disruption to your sleep patterns, create digestive issues, leave you drained of energy, and even provoke you to be short, harsh and tense with those you really care about.

Release the physical manifesteation of stress through practicing yoga.

Creating a yoga practice 
doesn’t have to be challenging. It’s not about perfection, it’s about taking the time for self care and implementing a routine that allows you to find a healthy balance in your life to deal with the stress and chaos that is present day to day.

This is why I created '5 Days of Yoga: The Practice’.

It is a bundle of five virtual classes that, each in turn, focuses on the main stress holder areas of the body.

Creating a yoga practice whether its once a day or once a week will

  • allow you to have more energy.
  • create better blood flow.
  • give you better body awareness.
  • release the tension that can cause a domino effect of stress and frustration in your life.
  • allow you to focus more clearly.
  • boost creativity.

Here's what people have to say about the classes:

"These daily videos are amazing. Thank you so much for putting this Practice (not a Challenge) together! I've been trying to establish a morning routine for a few years now. I'm SO DIGGING the fact that in three days you've only gone to down dog ONCE. These easy, light flows are the perfect way for me to start the day just by getting moving, finding some deep stretches, and being mindful without over doing it before 7am. Thanks for showing me what other options are available for me in my morning practice. I DON'T have to do chaturanga after all (at least not at 6am!)!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! "
Abby P
"[This] was my first yoga in a few months after a knee injury + I really appreciate being able to test it out at home rather than a studio: I have a long ways to go towards repairing, but it helps to know where I'm starting from. Really wanted to thank you for this practice (not perfect) motto! When I realized I couldn't do all 5 sessions, I almost didn't do any...but getting over that + diving in when I was able, feels like a very positive step I can apply to lots of things in life!"
Denise Allen
"Oh my gosh I cannot believe how much [tension] I hold in my feet and calves!! [The video series] was really nice! I liked your encouragement and focus on specific areas. The pace was really nice because it allowed me to slow down a little and focus on those specific areas."

The Class Details

  • Each class is 45 minutes of gentle yoga to help you center yourself and focuses on the areas below.
  • Perfect for all levels.
  • Once purchased you have access to all five classes for life.
  • You choose which class to do when and as often as you want or need.

Video 1.

Shoulders & Upper Back

Video 2.

Lower Back

Video 3.


Video 4.

Jaw, Sinus & Neck

Video 5.

Feet, Calves & Ankles

If you want to feel more grounded and centered, set yourself up for the day by shaking off your lethargy, or even wind down at the end each day because of the hectic lifestyle you lead, this bundle of classes is for you.

It’s time 
to let go of perfection, release your stress & tension and create a healthy habit for more balance in your life.

About Katarina

Hi, I’m Katarina. I work mostly with ambitious women who struggle with self care & stress. I help you release your destructive habits, boost your immune system, get better sleep & harness your energy so you feel the most centered and balanced you’ve ever felt.
I’m a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher and SUP Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer.

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