5 Yoga videos designed to allow you to release your stress and tension in the comfort of your own home.

Create better balance & stop the stress struggle

with Health Coach Katarina L. Simko (Arneric)

Stay healthy and fit even while traveling, eating out, or on the go

with my FREE 5 Easy Guidelines to Stress-Free Healthy Eating

Are you a high achiever who
works hard to balance work & family, stay healthy & fit, AND be on top of everything?

But you also feel the pressure of the constant demand for your time and responsibility and next thing you know you’re battling constant colds, waking up at 3am with worry and find yourself curled up on the couch with a bottle of wine and a dozen cookies to try and escape it all?

It’s time to stop letting the chaos around you dictate your health and happiness.

How can I help you?


Get my FREE 5 Easy Guidelines for Stress-Free Healthy Eating, even when you're busy and on the go!


A physical + mental release of all that’s been weighing you down online course. 7 weeks of yoga sweat ‘n release classes and discovering different ways to flush out toxins with certain yoga poses, breath-work, nutrition & mindset tools. Starts March 25th.


Learn how to release your stress struggle for good and feel balanced. Create space for yourself to handle stressful issues with confidence, ease and a clear head.

how I've helped others...

"Katarina encouraged me to dig deep within myself and trust myself. She brought visual tools for me and was the constant in my life I could count on. I have created more space and consistently remind myself about the BALANCE I want it my life. Katarina has helped me feel more confident with over all cooking, have quality conversations and communication with my mom and save over $1,600 to go to Australia! She is inspiring, helpful, patient, goal-oriented, a talented listener, strong minded, resourceful, calm spirited and my friendly reminder."
Yoga & Dance Teacher
"I loved working with Katarina! It was so scary at first, but when I look back to how my life was before we started working together, I think I have made some awesome shifts and am learning more and more every day! I am learning to love myself more & am also learning to be patient with myself and others. By leaving expectations behind and acknowledging genuine effort, I am way happier and more accepting. I found that I CAN change my mindset & have a more positive outlook on life. I am learning to accept myself & my body which is an amazing feeling."
Chicago, IL
"It’s rare that you meet someone that truly cares for your whole self. Katarina is knowledgeable, empathetic and authentic in her approach. Katarina helped me get off the diet roller coaster and become educated on eating real, whole foods. I feel happier, have a better sense of direction and support in my life – spiritually, financially and emotionally. I’ve already recommended my mom."
Professional Dancer
"Before working with Katarina, I was very anxious and stressed and didn’t have control over my daily schedule. Katarina has taught my mind and body to relax and I’m finding I’m more flexible than I used to be. She is so upbeat and cheerful, just a delight to work with. I love the way I feel working with her."
Chicago, IL
"Katarina has helped me create a plan to set myself up for success. I wasn’t sick but I was having a lack of energy. Now my energy is up all day! Katarina goes deep into your mindset to get to the roots of any unsatisfactory emotions, feelings and habits to help you shift in a heartbeat, that will leave you speechless just like she usually left me 5 minutes before ending each session, happy and Speechless!!!"
Karla R
"Katarina inspired to me to make several immediate lifestyle changes that have already made me feel lighter and more in control of my life and goals than before our meeting. Her natural and authentic approach to goal coaching made organizing my priorities seem simple and my goals within reach. I like how she shared some personal stories and walked me through some guided imagery exercises. I was surprised to see just how much those helped me to identify what I want and where I see myself in a few years. I would definitely recommend Katarina to friends and students. She is a kind spirit with a drive to be her best for herself and the community she serves."
Certified Integrative Movement Specialist™ & Yoga Instructor
"I take care of myself in so many ways that I put off my issues with food. The way Katarina has helped me set goals and has helped me understand my relationship with food has been life changing. I was experiencing nausea almost daily and generally uninterested in making food and feeding myself properly. After six months with Katarina, I have made so many improvements. I haven’t experienced nausea nearly at all, have become more aware of my food choices, and generally feel happier! It is self-evident that how we treat our bodies affects our overall health, and that is why I am so pleased with the choice I made to consult with Katarina. She is patient, generous, and very understanding – always magically giving exactly what you need in the moment."
Veronica B
Actress & Massage Therapist